Artisan Bakery


  • We use Organic Flours including LoonSong rye flour, grown bio-dynamically, milled fresh every week.

  • We use very little sea salt, no sugar, and filtered water in our hardy breads.

  • Our Kamut and Spelt breads often feature nuts and cranberries.

  • Some of the baking is done in our home-built clay cat outdoor wood oven.



  • Our delicious and nutritious cakes are made with organic stone ground non- bleached flour.  We use real butter, lots of nuts, and real fruit.

  • Some of our product is dairy free.

  • We bake with real butter, often use organic cane sugar, and we often use honey or demerera brown sugar.


  • We feature shortbread, oat, chocolate, lavender, hazelnut and many other varieties.



  • Quiche

  • Focaccia 

  • Cinnamon  Buns

  • Apple Cinnamon Sugar Cake

Herbal Flower &

Fruite Sorbet

Come and sit in our garden. Experience the flavor of the fruit and herbs we grow in these delicious desserts.


Some of our Sorbet flavours are:

​Sweet Woodruff

Lemon Balm

Rose Petals



Lime Ginger

Choke Cherry

Sand Cherry

Red Current




Cherry Tarragon



Maja's famous mustards made in Dijon-Style with a wonderful Riesling white wine.

Mustard Powder together with apple cider vinegar, cane sugar and natural spices.


Great for  Marinades, Salad Dressings,   Soups and Stir-Fry's

Maja's Hot Mustard

  • Made with Green Peppercorns


Maja's Honey Mustard

  • Contains local unpasteurized honey along with dried orange peels.


Maja's Horse Radish Mustard

  • A coarse mustard with shredded horseradish and whole mustard seeds adding texture.  Try on beef, with cheese, on fish or in soups.


Maja's Italian Supremo Mustard

  • Contains lots of black olives, additional red wine , sundried tomatoes

       and Herbes De Provence.


Honey & Honeycomb 

Maja's Honey is raw, natural, unpasteurized without anything added or taken away from it. 


Please do not give it to a child under 1-year-old, as their gut flora may not be able to work yet with the beneficial bacteria present in Honey. 

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