Herbal Teas

All our teas are grown organically  right here in Maja's Garden or harvested in Manitoulin's wilderness, and then dried with great care. We also brew a 100% certified organic rainforest Alliance Coffee 


Spring Tea

  • Can be bloodcleansing, and may stimulate metabolism.

  • Rich in Iron, Vitamin C and Calcium

Tummy Tea

  • Has helped our family with flatulence, bellyache and stomach cramps.

Summer Tea

  • Refreshing summer flavours hot or cold

Winter Tea

  • Helps to sooth a cough, sore throat or bronchitis.

Woman's Tea

  • Has helped my daughters and myself with menstrual pains

Rheumatism Tea

  • Can also help with gout and be blood-cleansing.

Goodnight Tea

  • We find this tea relaxing and soothing when we have stress, are upset or with symptoms of PMS.

Migraine Tea

  • Also helps relieve arthritis.

Foods to use in many ways to improve your overall health and for you to enjoy :

Evergreen Tip Syrup great to sweeten teas and desserts 

  • it can also be a very effective cough syrup

St. John'swort Oil for your many needs 

Chamomile Oil for your many needs just google it

Remember if you drink , eat something or rub something on, know what you're doing, know what you can and cannot tolerate. Ask your doctor if you're not sure.